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Arctic Taste of Norway

Arild’s Smoked Salmon, genuine craftsmanship made according to traditions and knowledge from Levajok in Tana.

The smoked salmon is fantastic for both everyday use and special occations, and can be enjoyed with delicious contiments and beverages. Smoked salmon is an excellent gift for family or friends, as well as business contacts. Arctic Tea House brings you delicious teas that capture the taste of the Arctic. Flavours like Northern Light Tea, Midnight Sun Tea, and Cloudberry Tea can all be bought in our online store. Arctic Wrap consists of the best Arctic ingredients available and gives you a truly magical taste. Hot-smoked reindeer meat, Arild's Smoked Salmon, and lingonberry dressing wrapped in a delicious wrap bread. OPENING HOURS: Always open

Source: Visit Narvik AS


Arctic Taste of Norway

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