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Around Erøy in Suldal

The hike around Erøy in Suldal in Ryfylke goes through a living cultural landscape by the sheltered Bogsfjorden and the wilder Erfjorden in easy terrain.

Turn off toward Erøy just north of Erfjord Bridge on Rv13, Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke.

You can park your car at Betel Chapel on Erøy, and if you come in your own boat, there is a guest pier at Erøy. Your walk around the island Erøy, through the gentle terrain and fascinating cultural landscape along the sheltered Bogsfjord and then along the more rugged Erfjord, takes about two hours. Most of your hike is on a forest road, and the rest is on trails and ordinary roads. The highest point is 183 metres above sea level; from here the forest road descends and crosses a stream. A trail takes you through the woods, and the next forest road you reach leads you down to the Bogsfjord, 500 m north of Hattavågen. Then just follow the forest road along the shore back to the main road.

Erfjord bridge has a great view, and during the summer you may see lots of boats on the fjord. Should you prefer a shorter alternative, if you have children in a pram or are bicycling, you can follow the school road along Bogsfjorden to Hattarvågen. Allow 1–1,5 hours including the return journey.

Both excursions can be made year round and are suitable for the whole family.

Please remember to close the gates! There's a swimming spot at Habn at the head of Bogsfjorden. 

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke

Around Erøy in Suldal

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