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Around Siggjo

The bicycle ride around mount Siggjo has a length of 27.3 km and a difference in altitude of 114 metres.

When you come from Trekantsambandet (the Triangle Connection) and have cycled across Bømlabrua bridge, you come to Gassasundet sound. There is a car park here at the junction to Moster, which is the starting point for the Around Siggjo route.

This is also where the round trip ends – at this junction on the Rv 541 road. But first, you cycle on a good 4-km walking and cycling path towards Siggjo. Follow this path on the outside of the Stokkajuvstunnelen tunnel. From the old road, you can look down on the old ferry quay in Siggjarvåg, which is now closed. The cycling path then comes to an end for a while.

After 6.5 km, you come to the crossroads at Ekornsætre. Turn left here towards Langevåg. When you have cycled a little while on the Erslandsvegen road, you can see Mount Siggjo rise to your left. Cycle a further 3.3 km to Tormodsætre. At this crossroads, continue to follow the road to Langevåg on the left. The road then narrows somewhat and twists and turns a bit. Follow Erslandsvatnet lake a while until you come to a small picnic area on the right-hand side of the road. From here, there are idyllic views across Sakseidvågen bay. After another 2.5 km, turn left towards Håvik at the Sakseid T-junction. Pass the old vicarage at Finnås on your right, before you come to the lovely beach in Åreiddalen.

It is 5.5 km from Åreiddalen to Håvik, and a further 2 km from Håvik to Røyksund- kanalen canal. You cycle straight through Indre Håvik to get there. When you get to the crossroads at Røyksund, turn left again unless you want to take a short detour to Moster. It is 1 km from the crossroads to Gassasundet sound, which brings you to the end of the round trip.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Around Siggjo

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