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Askvoll Fjordhotel


Askvoll Fjordhotel is the perfect base from which to explore the beautiful Fjord Coast. Enjoy local food and have a pleasant hotel stay.

The perfect base from which to explore the beautiful Fjord Coast.

Askvoll Fjordhotel is a small family hotel and a restaurant in the center of Askvoll municipality. Here, the hosts have a great passion for home-made food based on local ingredients. From Askvoll Fjordhotel you have an excellent starting point to experience the coastal culture, local food and a pleasant hotel stay.

Askvoll Fjordhotel has 25 rooms, three of which are handicap accessible. Here you will find 6 family rooms and 7 rooms for self-catering. Askvoll Fjordhotel offers bicycle rental. Here you will find 5 adult bikes, 2 bikes for children and 2 electric bikes. 

Acvitivites nearby

Located in splendid surroundings, the hotel is a perfect starting point for exploring the Fjord Coast - for example through Island Hopping and biking tours. You will have a short distance from the hotel to beautiful hiking trails. Hike to Blåfjell in Askvoll, the highest and closest mountain peak to Askvoll fjordhotel.

Just one hour ferry ride from Værlandet you will find the island community Værlandet and Bulandet. In the middle of the ocean gap, well guarded by the majestic Alden, the islands lie like pearls on a string, beautifully bound together by 6 bridges and 5,240 meter road. 

Organized tours

The staff at Askvoll Fjord Hotel be happy to help you with organizing tours.

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Visit FjordKysten

Askvoll Fjordhotel


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