Atelier Sandstø Kjøll

In the center of Rakkestad you will find an exciting oasis an art gallery filled with painting and design.

For over 25 years, Atelier Sandstø Kjøll has delighted many with its art and creativity.

They have now moved into Storgaten 6, and here you can experience art exhibitions, design and crafts in sewing, woodwork, concrete and stories in steel strings. The artists Kari Sandstø Kjøll and Øystein Kjøll fill the room with their creativity.

Here they also arrange exhibitions with other artists, concerts and they also have their courses here.

Take a visit and enjoy beautiful art and a wonderful atmosphere.

Art a gift for life, welcome to a nice art shop.

Last updated: 05/03/2023

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

Atelier Sandstø Kjøll

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