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"Atlantis" of Sunnmøre


By using our fantastic fjord kayaks we will take you on an adventure to Lygnstøyls lake in Norangsdalen. Get close to nature, experience the wildlife in the clear water and daydream under the vast mountains.

By Lygnstøyls lake you will get the kayaks, oars, life jackets and the water binoculars. After the safety introduction you are ready to explore the lake. During the first part of the trip, you paddle around while the tour guide presents the history of the lake and show the best spots for the water binoculars. Afterwards, you will be free to paddle wherever you want in the lake. The toughest ones can even jump in the cold mountain water.


Kayaks, oar and life jacket

Water binoculars

Safety instruction

Bring with you

Drink and food for 3 hours



The history of Lygnstøyls lake

Lygnstøyls lake was created in 1908 when the river Lygna was dammed by a landslide. It flooded over the road and several buildings. Today it is a lake with a clear view and hence is nice for diving and paddling. The easiest way to explore this underwater world is through water binoculars and stable kayaks. Then you can keep yourself dry and warm while you break the surface down to the underwater world. Your local guide will tell you more about the special history of Lygnstøyls lake and its landscape.

Who can join the tour?

This fits everybody, as long as you can swim. Our kayaks are specially designed for guided tours. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will feel safe and comfortable.

Meet up

Either you can meet us directly at Lygnstøyls lake or at Hellesylt. Meet 45 minutes (10.15) before if you plan to meet us at Hellesylt.


4 hours

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


"Atlantis" of Sunnmøre


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