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Attme Have

Welcome to our small hotel here Attme Have in Dyrøy in the Senja region.

We at Attme Have offer accommodation in quiet and relaxing surroundings.

We have a total of four double rooms, one apartment and two AuroraHut available.
If you don't want to drive here, how about taking the Express Boat (Hurtigbåt) from Tromsø, Harstad or Finnsnes? (The Express boat (Hurtigbåt) docks in Brøstadbotn is approx. 400m from the hotel. Find more information below)

If you feel like you want some fresh air, you just go straight out onto the veranda in front of the room. Here you sit well on a locally made bench, well shielded from the other rooms. With a fantastic view towards Dyrøya, Senja and Dyrøysundet.

Attached to all our hotel rooms and AuroraHut is a common kitchen that all our guests can use. The kitchen is well equipped with the necessary kitchen equipment to prepare your own food.
There is also a common room for our hotel guests where you can enjoy your meal in simple and quiet surroundings with a touch of Zen. This room is also the building's pride, our yoga room.

All our guests can also book time in the on-site Jacuzzi, with the finest view.
Several of our guests have seen the midnight sun, northern lights, porpoises, springers, etc. from the jacuzzi.

We have WiFi on most of the property, which is included in rental prices.

How to get there:
Nearest airports: The nearest airport is Bardufoss. However, both Tromsø Airport (Langnes) and Harstad/Narvik Airport (Evenes) are within close reach. From Tromsø airport, you can easily get to Attme Have by express boat, bus or car.

Express Boat (Hurtigbåt): There is a daily Express Boat direct from Tromsø to Brøstadbotn. The main Express Baot Line (Line 2) linking Tromsø to the larger towns of Finnsnes and Harstad. The second stop on this line from Tromsø, is Brøstadbotn. The Brøstadbotn port is approx. 400m from the hotel.

Tickets does not need to be booked in advance. They can be bought from ticket machines at the terminal or onboard the boat.

Please find the timetable for the Express Boat here: Troms Fylkestrafikk - Timetable
Bus/Arctic Route: The provider Best Arctic runs the Arctic Route bus service. One of the main lines is southbound from tromsø towards Narvik, this line stops at Bardufoss and Setermoen.

If prearranged, Attme Have can pick up up to 7 people from Bardufoss or Setermoen.
Read more about the Arctic Route here:

There are also public buses from Tromsø. See Troms Fylkestrafikk for more information.

Feel free to contact Attme Have or Visit Tromsø if you have any questions how to get there.

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Attme Have

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