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Auskin is perfectly situated along the St. Olav's Path, a historic trail that commences on the east coast of Sweden in the town of Selånger and concludes at Trondheim's magnificent Nidaros Cathedral. When pilgrims arrive at AKS, many choose to extend their stay for a few additional days. Some opt to indulge in well-deserved rest, combining it with activities like woodcarving, painting, refreshing swims in the river, or simply unwinding in the garden with a captivating book. As the sun sets, people from various corners of the globe gather to exchange stories and savor delectable meals before resuming their journey.

At Auskin, we offer 20 sleeping accommodations featuring memory foam mattresses, each adorned with distinctive and artistic designs. Self-catering is an option, and we provide laundry facilities along with shoe drying amenities. Our property includes a terrace and a dedicated outdoor space for communal gatherings around the bonfire.

Accommodation Options:
Single Rooms for 1-2 individuals
Dormitory Rooms accommodating up to 4 guests
The Cabin for 1-2 occupants For up-to-date accommodation rates, please refer to our website. Bedding is included in the prices.

Practical Information:
Complimentary Wi-Fi
Well-equipped kitchen with storage for personal food items
Multiple shower rooms and toilets
Garden area featuring a barbecue spot for relaxation and leisurely strolls
Outdoor Gear: Borrow a reflective vest and flashlight for evening walks or utilize one of our bicycles complete with a helmet.

Your Four-Legged Companions: We provide dog crates at no charge. Please note that dogs are not permitted inside the center, but we are happy to assist in finding a suitable arrangement.

Library: Explore our collection of loanable books on the second floor.

St. Olav's Path:
Right at your doorstep
Grocery Store: 850 meters away
Stiklestad National Culture Centre: 8.9 km
Selånger: 37.9 miles
Nidaros Cathedral: 10.5 miles

Luggage Transport Services:
From Sul to Vuku:
NOK 400
Midway between Sul and Vuku: NOK 200
Vuku to Stiklestad: NOK 50
Vuku to Munkeby: NOK 400

Built on Historical Ground:
The name Auskin is an ancient moniker for the farm. AKS was founded in 2017 and is a youthful and contemporary center situated within a traditional Trøndelag square courtyard dating back to 1935. This center is built upon historical soil. According to oral traditions, the army of Saint-King Olav Haraldsson rested on what is now known as Olsåkeren before the Battle of Stiklestad. Traces of a Viking-era temple and a stone grave from the year 200 have also been uncovered, suggesting that this site has served various life purposes for nearly 2000 years, if not longer. AKS is a place of perpetual growth and transformation, where new embellishments grace the garden and rooms as inspiration strikes.

Last updated: 09/28/2023

Source: Innherred Reiseliv

Auskin Kreative Senter


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