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Avdalen Farm, Årdal

Avdalen Gard is a mountain farm in the Utladalen landscape conservation area. The Farm is located just above the spectacular Avdalsfossen waterfall.

Buildings and cultural landscapes have been restored, and are currently run by the Foundation Avdalen Gard. The foundation's board is made up of representatives from the landowners, family, enthusiasts and villagers who are all passionate about Avdalen and Utladalen. The work they have put in is fundamental for Avdalen Gard today to be open and accessible to hikers who want accommodation.

Avdalen Gard has 22 beds and full dining. There is also a separate building with shower and drying shed. Avdalen Gard is known for the special 'barn blues' event which is at the end of June every quarter of a year.

The Farm department is serviced during the summer season from July to the end of August. Out of season, one storage cage is unattended (DNT key).

The farm was first cleared at the end of the 1500s.  The first farmers here came from our neighbouring commune, Luster. The name of the farm, "Avdalen", translates to secluded valley. Two crofts and two summer farms belonged to Avdalen Farm, which has the size of 23 000 acres. Most of the acres is situated high up in the mountains. The summer farms are called "Vårstølen" and "Gravdalen".   The size of the cultivated land is about 40 - 50 acres. The farmstead is a cluster of seven buildings in total.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Avdalen Farm, Årdal

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