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Bø Cinema Gullbring

Kinosalen 2022

Welcome to Bø kino for a great movie experience!

Bø Kino is located in Gullbring Kulturhus and has two halls; Kinosalen and Storsalen

Here there are always new films on the screen, keep up with Bø Kino's program here

Outside the cinema hall, the cultural center is equipped with a cafe that, in addition to selling cafe food, also has goodies such as bacon snacks and popcorn for the cinema. There is also a small candy shop.

The cinema hall with 144 seats in the amphitheater is the hall for the complete movie experience.
The hall is equipped with Dolby's digital Atmos sound system.
Dolby Atmos is the surround sound Dolby Laboratories launched in 2012 in Dolby, and is often referred to as 3D sound in cinemas. Atmos is a three-dimensional sound format where sound can come from the front, side and back - but also directly above your head, through dedicated height channels.

The chairs in the hall are Norwegian and are supplied by Skeie AS, equipped with high backs.

The main hall has 381 seats for movie screenings.

Otherwise, the hall is acoustically adapted for theater and concert use.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Bø

Bø Cinema Gullbring

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