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Bøla Cafe

Bøla Cafe - situated in beaufiful surroundings close to the famous rock carvings of the "Bøla reindeer".

Saemien Sijte runs the restaurant and during the summer season you can enjoy something to drinke, ice cream and waffles.

The shop will feature local food products and genuine local souvenirs.

For lunch or dinner with Sami food, we highly recommend coming to Saemien Sijte in Snåsa.

The rock carvings
From Bøla cafe, it is 300 meters to walk down to the world famous rock carvings. They are idyllically located by a great waterfall in the river Bøla. There are ten small and large petroglyphs/rock carvings to look at. Not all of them are as easy to detect – so take your time! The most famous of them is the Bøla Reindeer - a full-sized femal reindeer.


Last updated: 12/12/2023

Source: Innherred Reiseliv

Bøla Cafe

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