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Bøyum Camping, Fjærland

Bøyum Camping is a modern family owned camp site beautifully located between the Jostedal Glacier and the Fjærlandfjord - a branch of the Sognefjord..

Centrally located in Fjærland, close to the Norwegian Glacier museum, and the fjord. Here you will find 7 cabins for 4 persons, and 2 cabins for 8. Shower/WC in all cabins. Hostel with 10 double-rooms, shared facilities. Beachvolleyball-courts and small court for soccer and basketball.Campsite for cars, caravans and tent. Facilities for emptying camping toilets. TV-room, kiosk and laundry. Bikerental. Open all year.
The Norwegian Glacier Museum is your closest neighbour. The Norwegian Booktown is only a beautiful 2,5 km walk by the fjordside away. Marvellous view to mountains, glaciers and the fjord. River- and fjord fishing activities.
The camping site contains cabins with kitchen,shower/WC,and TV.
A youth hostel with 9 twin rooms, shared shower/WC and kitchen (type 1,2,3).
Facilities for emptying toilets from vehicles. Reception with kiosk / bar and pizza. Service building with kitchen, toilet, shower and washer / dryer. Free wifi.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Bøyum Camping, Fjærland

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