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Badeparken, Drøbak

Badeparken in Drøbak is the city's green oasis and one of the Oslo Fjord's most beautiful bathing spots.

Badeparken in Drøbak

Badeparken and Parrstranda are located in the center of Drøbak.

This is one of Indre Oslofjord's finest bathing areas, with a diving tower, beach volleyball court, floating docks and playgrounds. You can either lie on the large grassy area, sunbathe down on the sandy beach or find a more sheltered spot on the rock.

The history of this park is closely linked to the history of the town of Drøbak. At the end of the 19th century, Drøbak developed into an important seaside town and resort with a number of bathing facilities in Badeparken. The old "Men's Bath", which was part of the bathing facilities and spa facilities built in 1900, has today been restored and is a very nice bathing area. Badeparken and Parrstranda are also a couple of minutes' walk from the center of Drøbak with great niche shops, galleries, cozy cafes and attractions such as the Drøbak Aquarium, the Christmas House and the Avistegnnernes Hus. The nearest car park is Bankløkka and the nearest bus stop is Drøbak church.

Facilities: Car park, bus stop, toilet, shower and summer kiosk.

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Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

Badeparken, Drøbak

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