Cultural walk

"The people of Nordfjord are not just good at facilitating activities in nature. They’re also good at preserving cultural heritage in its original and natural environment. For me, Sagedammen is one of the best examples of how local people have preserved and built up a unique environment, which, combines culture and nature in a unique way. Whether you take the Panorama Road from the east or the west, you’re sure to notice the steep hillsides and mountainsides ascending up from the Nordfjord. I am still struck by how much hard work must have been involved in running farms here in the olden days. Respect! A 2.5-km cultural trail has been developed around Sagedammen passing many attractions that provide an insight into the cultural history of Ulvedal: Kvernhusdalen, Vetestova, Sagedammen, Tjærehjellen and the cotter’s farm Rabben. My joy of being active in nature is enhanced by knowing the history it hides". Fred Syversen

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Nordfjord


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