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Baglimit fishing zone for grayling

Gjerfloen Fly fishing, the first baglimit fishing for grayling in Norway. In pleasant surroundings you can watch the brown trout, grayling and whitefish rising for your dry flies. The annual catces on the fly zone are between 800 and 3500 fishes.

Gjerfloen Fly fishing - baglimit fishing for grayling

At Plassen, 10 km from the Swedish border, Gjerfloen Fluefiske is reserving a 7 km part of the Trysilriver for those who have come to the conclusion that 3 important elements in life are: grayling, nymphs and dry flies.

Description of the fly zone

Within the fly zone you can find both lazy, slow moving waters and faster streams with resting places for the fish behind big stones. Most of the river is wadeable on normal water level. The Trysil river is within the fly zone, 50 to 80 meters wide. Along the banks there are paths on both sides of the river. These are made also to conserve the original vegetation as much as possible.

Fly fishing season

The normal fly fishing season lasts from the beginning of June till end of October. However, in year 2000 the last flycaught grayling was landed the 9th of December. June and September are the favourite months amongst many fly fishermen. Anyway, - weather, temperature and waterflow strongly contributes to influence the point of time for the insectactivity which again is generating conditions for the optimal grayling fishing. Perfect conditions may occur at any time throughout the fishing season. The important thing is here as in all sorts of fishing: To be at the right place at the right time!


There are signposts at 8 parking places with INFO boards and paths down to the river.


The Trysil river contains brown trout, grayling, whitefish (might be very big, +2 kg), pike, burbot, some perch and minnows. The grayling is the dominating specie and occurs in large numbers.

Brown trout and grayling, maximum size and bag limit

Our goal is that before long we shall have a larger number of big fish within the fly zone. There is only one prescription to reach this goal: The fish must be allowed to live long enough! Gjerfloen Fly fishing has therefore introduced special rules for baglimit and size. Baglimit is for brown trout and grayling. You may kill only one fish a day, maximum size is 38 cms.

Limited number of fishermen

To achieve a pleasant fishing- and wildlifeadventure it is, in our opinion, important to limit the number of fishermen. Gjerfloen Flyfishing will for this reason sell maximum 20 fishing licenses pr day. The license is valid from 0800 in the morning to 0800 the next morning. Fishing licence: NOK 150 pr day

Special rules

Fly only. Flyfishing practiced with rod and the castingweight made by the flyline. The hook shall be barbless or the barb must be pressed down with a pair of tongs.



Baglimit fishing zone for grayling

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