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Balestrand eBike Adventure

eBike is absolutely: - Fitness & Fashionably Fresh, - Fun & Simple & practical to discover Balestrand. - Sweat less & absorbe Nature & the bike has a FlowerPower dingDong

more Energy & feel Sporty?

Tripadvisor review: The three Fjord Ride in Balestrand!

We can help!

=Rent eBike=

Where? -at Balestrand Adventure - the Tourist Information!

You have KIDS? Be a cool cargo parent on our Yuba SuperMarche' in Balestrand :)

It makes yoy feel special! It creat memories as you are riding. From something common and practical and everyday scenery down her in the fjords, to somenthing unusual and worth telling stories about back home..

Thats one of the strange things about trips like this. Where you get to be close to the land in an distant place. However briefly, you can feel that new part of the world is familiar and close and knowable. As you feel it in your hands and under your feet or in the face as the wind blows and you drive into the scenery..

But then, later when you look back, and it all seems mysterious ans foreign over again. It's that push and pull of wanting to belong and also to be blown away, that keeps us travelling into the wild fjords… always looking to what's next…

Practical information:

Why eBike?

Power assist cycling for hills. headwinds & distance

Low running costs, happy day

It's assistive, but it's still a bicycle

Clean & green

Faster travel

"Cycling around Esefjorden is great fun on eBike. Ride via the "Old road". Feel the scent of nostalgia. You certainly deserve a coffee break, at at Dragsvik Hotel. The Fjærlandsfjord view. The trip might continue to the picturesque Menes village. It's done on a swoosh. So exiting! You might take a sea bath on the beach in Vetlefjord? You feel strong and alive! Finish with a photo in front of Kviknes Hotel as you return back to Balestrand! Hungry for more..Dinner next!

Hours Routes Distance Duration time

Rental time 2h - Price 390 nok Distance To Dragsvik 9 km Trip duration 2h

Rental time 3 - Price 400 nok Distance To Menes 30 km Trip duration 4h (Most Popular)

Rental time 4 - Price 460 nok Distance To Kvamsøy 12 km Trip duration 3h

Rental time 6 - Price 650 nok Distance To Viewpoint 44 km Trip duration 6h

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Balestrand eBike Adventure

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