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Balestrand Opp - Uphill race

The starting line is in the garden at the front of Kviknes Hotel and the finish line is at the top of Raudmelen (972 masl). Are you ready?

The trail is 5.4 km long, and runs from Kviknes Hotel to the top of Raudmelen, 970 meters above the fjord. The starting shot is in the garden in front of the hotel's famous Swiss façade.
The trail through the city center, past the Norsk Reiselivsmuseum and into Lærargata, where you run past the village house and up a steep path to Sygna school. From here, the trail crosses the football field, past Belehalli and into the forest.
Furthermore, it goes up to Orrabenken (370 masl), a popular view point where the Red Cross is located during the race. From Orrabenken, the trail goes over Orramyri and through birch forest to Klukshaug (489 masl), a vantage point where you can see the cabin and the target area. One continues further through the birch forest and over a paved section to Buråsi (575 masl). Here there is a drinking station, health personnel.
After Buråsi you come across the tree line, and the rest of the trail offers wide views towards Esefjella and over the Sognefjord. The rocky part below the top has been improved with good stone stairs by Sherpaar from Nepal. The trail has otherwise been much improved by local volunteers.
The finish line is located by the Bale cabin, an elongated wooden cabin built by students from Bergen School of Architecture in 2017.
Registration and prices can be found here:

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Balestrand Opp - Uphill race

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