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Baluba playground at Jessheim Storsenter

Balubaland - playground!

A play park of 400 square meters right in the heart of the centre. Here, the children can play under the supervision of competent staff while you do the action or have a cup of coffee in peace and quiet at one of the centre's many cafes.

Balubaland is built like a jungle, Baluba's jungle!

Here Balumba lives with his friends and loves to be visited by children in the local area. In the play park you will find, among other things, Baluba's home, a tree in the middle of the jungle where children can climb, slide and play hide and seek.

Of other attractions we can mention Tretopstien, the jungle's main road! This is the fastest way to get through the jungle if you can't fly. The colorful birds tend to hang out here and do you know why? They are always ready to compete to see who is the fastest! We have also installed a large interactive game in the Monkey King's Cave.

Welcome to us !

Last updated: 03/07/2023

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

Baluba playground at Jessheim Storsenter

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