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Banzha is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Bergen. This is a gastronomic journey to the Yunnan province of China, a region with a unique food culture.

Michelle Zhao, originally from Yunnan, has brought the flavors of her childhood to Bergen, and with the help of the renowned Bergen chef Christopher Haatuft, she has created Banzha. The restaurant become an instant success, thanks to an exciting menu that explores the diverse food traditions of Yunnan.

At Banzha, you can anticipate a wide array of snacks and sumptuous main courses, and shareable dishes that promise to embark you on a culinary journey you'll remember for a long time. Banzha prides itself on delivering authentic flavors, daring spice profiles, and distinctive ingredients, providing a genuine taste of Yunnan right here in Bergen.

With a casual atmosphere and an inclusive approach to dining, Banzha welcomes all guests, whether you've planned your visit in advance or decide to drop in spontaneously. The restaurant has already become a favorite among the people of Bergen, and the feedback has been outstanding.

Go on a journey through the flavors of Yunnan and discover what makes Banzha a unique dining destination in Bergen. We guarantee that this will be an experience that challenges and delights your taste buds. 

Source: Visit Bergen



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