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Barøy Lighthouse

Barøy lighthouse lies between Vestfjord and Ofotfjord in Narvik municipality, at the end of Efjord. You will experience wild yet beautiful nature with great tour opportunities on both land and sea.

Barøy lighthouse has been the guiding light for the ore ships sailings towards Narvik since 1903. The lighthouse is exotically located in the fjord, with no roads or houses nearby. Barøya offers spectacular nature with a number of hiking opportunities, as it is characterized by the strong nature that it offers. You have the ability to fish and cook you own catch, whether you’d like to cook in the lighthouse’s kitchen, or on the fire grill by the boat house. The exterior of the lighthouse has been fully renovated, while keeping its vintage style on the inside, taken care of as good as possible. A visit to Barøy lighthouse You can book a visit to Barøy lighthouse almost all year round. The trips are organized and booked through Gunnars Fiskelykke. Access to the lighthouse The only possible way to get to the lighthouse is by sea. When you book a visit to the lighthouse, you make an agreement with Gunnar whether you would like to book a guided tour, a fishing trip, or just transport. You can also use your own boat, or perhaps rent a boat at Gunnars Fiskelykke. Everything should be agreed on with Gunnar in advance. Departure from There are two possible starting points to reach the lighthouse, either from Lødningen (Lødingen municipality), or from Skarstad in Efjord (Narvik municipality). Important information Contact Gunnar at Gunnars Fiskelykke in order to book a day visit to the Barøy lighthouse, a fishing trip, boat transport or boat rental. Contact information Gunnar Fiskelykke +47 400 297 91

Source: Visit Narvik AS


Barøy Lighthouse

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