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Bardufoss Hotel and Restaurant

Hotel in Bardufoss Centre with at Restaurant and Sportsbar where the locals and hotel guests meet each other. The Tromsø and Narvik area offers a lot of activities as dogsleeding, sami experiences, Polar Park, IceHotel and Northern light safari.

You will find our hotel in the middle of Bardufoss town center which is surrounded by valleys and mountains which can remind you about Alaska. You arrive to our lobby which have selv in-check. Our staff is around and probably downstairs where we have our Restaurant and Sportsbar. They will arrive in some secunds if you need any help. The hotel have 57 rooms with different size and standard. Our region belongs to both; Tromso and Narvik regions, since we are exacly between. The buses along Norway stops just outside our door. Also the Arctic Route between Tromso and Narvik. Our Arctic village offers a perfect spot for looking at the Aurora Borealis, doing dog sledging and snowmobile, visit Polar Park og the samie people. Book you experience at,, or Stay for some days and discover the Tromso, Narvik and Senja area. You can rent a car or rent a minibus with a driver/guide at The Bardufoss city has small cafees and shops with local handicraft. Visit Kaffemoya, Pynt and Husfliden just outside our door. At the hotel you can relax in the lobby or go down to the basement to have something to eat and drink. Her you also will find schuffleboards and meet the locals.

Source: Visit Narvik AS


Bardufoss Hotel and Restaurant

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