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Bardus Bar

Home of Tromsø’s famous Arctic Seaweed cocktail and traditional Northern traveler’s plate. Bardus Bar is at its heart a Northern Norwegian experience. A Nordic cocktail bar dedicated to combining the finest products in the region to produce the highest quality experience. For the visitors amongst us the locally harvested Actic seaweed cocktail and traditional Northern traveler’s plate are an experience not to be missed and offers an insight into the traditional Northern Norwegian lifestyle.

For hundreds of years, January has seen the arrival of fisherman to the Lofoten Islands from all over the North of Norway to engage in the most important fishing season in the country, the Lofetfisket. This is the harvesting of the ocean cod (Skrei) that come into the Lofoten islands to lay their eggs. The fisherman would number in the thousands and with them they would bring a pantry full of cured meats and a thin traditional pastry called Lefse that would help see them through the 3 months of fishing. At Bardus this pantry is recreated with the Northern traveler’s plate, a delicious combination of locally produced Balsfjord Lefse and cured meats such as lamb, reindeer and whale.
Whether you have a desire for a superbly crafted cocktail, a great glass of wine, a beer you have never heard of or to flirt with the finest examples of aged distillation...we will be sure to make you feel at home. And if you feel for a bite of food you can slide into our bistro and enjoy one of Tromsø’ finest Kitchens.

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Bardus Bar

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