Basmo Fortress

Basmo fortress was a small fortress in Marker municipality. Located between Rødenesjøen and Hemnessjøen. Basmo was built to stop the Swedes after Norway lost Bohuslen in 1658. The fortress was built as a tower fortress and was started in 1683 to block Sweden's access to Christiania (Oslo) The fortress was constructed by General Cicignon and had an irregular pentagonal star shape with a cannon tower at its highest point. At most, the fortress was equipped with 24 guns.

At most, there were 1,350 men at Basmo, but there were no major meetings at the fortress. Basmo belonged to the "upland" fortresses and was located at that time the most important winter road between Stockholm and Christiania. A small community grew up around the natural height of the fortress. The fortress also had a commander's residence, guard rooms, warehouses and workshops. In all, there were about 40 houses on and below the fortress, and several of the surrounding farms belonged to Basmo.

It turned out that the Basmo fortress was of limited military importance and the fortress was closed down during 1744-45. The fortress eventually grew out of vegetation. In 1985, the fortress managed to be preserved, and in 1987 began the restoration of Basmo. The two lower floors of the tower, which were built in natural stone, are now restored.

A nice destination for the whole family.
Access: At Rv 123 northwest of Rødenes, at the border with Høland.

Last updated: 11/09/2023

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

Basmo Fortress

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