Bathing in Grenland

Skien: In Skien you can go swimming in Norsjø and Bakkestranda. Siljan: There are bathing places at Heivannet, Sporevann, Opdalstjern, Øverbøtjern, Gorningen and Lakssjø.

Porsgrunn: There are many bathing places in Porsgrunn. Innermost in the fjord there`s Olavsberget, and along the fjord you have Røra, Brønnstadbukta, Heistad and Dikkon.

Bamble: There are many bathing places along the coast. Beaches abound from Langesund and down to Kragerø: Krogshavn, Steinvika, Langøya, Langesund Bad, Ekstrand, Rognstranda, Hydrostranda, Ivarsand, Brevikstrand, Rakkestranda, Rødlandet and Skjærgårdsparken.

You can also bathe in inland lakes, particularly Bamblevann.

Last updated: 12/03/2021

Source: VisitGrenland AS

Bathing in Grenland

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