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Østre Toten

Beaches in Østre Toten municipality

Evjua Strandpark – Totenvika
We have no trouble saying that Evjua sports one of the finest beaches around lake Mjøsa. Here you will find a far stretching shallow bathing area which is also great for kids, your pick of sand or grass to rest in, and of course a water trampoline which tends to be very popular. Should you wish for some ice-cold refreshments, it’s just a few metres away.
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Address: Evjuvegen 30, 2848 Skreia

Hekshusstranda - Kapp
By Hekshusstranda camping in Kapp you will find a beach on the campgrounds. Feel free to enjoy the warm sand, water trampoline, docks with guest spots and playgrounds with a beach-volleyball court. The camping area is well facilitated for handicapped guests.

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Address: Elverhøygutua 11, 2849 Kapp

Panengen - Totenvika
Panengen is a popular beach during the summer months and sports a kiosk, diving tower, grilling opportunities and more for all to enjoy, young or adult.
Address: Panengen Brygge, 2848, Østre Toten

Tallodden - Kapp
Tallodden is a small and cosy area suited for bathing and recreation.
Address: Smørvika, 2849 Kapp

Hersjøen - Totenåsen
Hersjøen in one of the many small waters scattered across the Totenåsen region. A good spot for both bathing and fishing.
Address: Hersjøen, 2848 Skreia

Source: Visit Innlandet


Beaches in Østre Toten municipality

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