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Beaches in Larvik, Stavern and Helgeroa

Within Larvik municipality's borders there are a large number of organized and natural bathing spots, both in fresh water and in the sea - land-based and on islands and islets.


Ula beach is one of Vestfold's finest beaches and many local's choice number one. The beach is in the heart of a small bay protected from the wild ocean. It has fine shallow sandy beaches surrounded by smooth rocks in the archipelago of Skagerrak. 

In the old days Ula was an important pilot and fishing port. The sea outside of Ula can be tough, so the well-known pilot Ulabrand safeguarded many sailors here. There is a stone monument of Ulabrand at the top of the mountain hill by the harbor. From this spot, you will experience an extraordinary view, so don't miss it when you get here. Today, Ula is a popular holiday resort with many cabins and a charming marina. The coastal trail passes by and makes it a great place for hiking. Kiosk, trash cans and a swimming raft. Toilets at the camping area.

To get there by car, follow Rv303/Tjøllingveien to Ulaveien. Signs to Ula. Parking at the end of the road. If you follow the road towards Eftang, you will get to Ølbergholmen at the far end of Viksfjord with a beautiful sheltered beach, large recreation areas and beautiful rocks. About 600 meters to walk from the parking lot.

Kjerringvik Idyllic and beautiful bay with two beaches and islands. It is difficult to determine what makes the place most beautiful; the two nice beaches, the harbour with flowers and benches, the small and cozy wooden houses, or the beautiful rocks and islets surrounding the bay. On the pier, Fornet there is also stairs out in the sea. Here you can swim over to small islands and lay on a smooth rocks warmed up by the sun. The beaches are child-friendly, have swim rafts and at the innermost beach there is a diving board at the rock. Benches, toilet, outdoor shower and trashcans. Guest marina. If you want to find yourself a great viewpoint, you can walk the stairs up from Kjerringvikveien to Seilbåtfjellet (The Sailboat Mountain). Via Kjerringvikveien you can also reach the large bay Svinevika.

Rekkeviksbukta beach A beautiful beach and free area on the eastern side of Larviksfjorden. A 95 meter long west-facing sandy beach with a nice grassy backdrop. The beach has a long ramp (acces) into the sea made for wheel chair users. The coastal trail between Østre Halsen and Gon passes by Rekkeviksbukta.

If you walk the trail along the north side of the bay you will get to Kjeholmen. Here is also nice swimming possibilities either from the great rocks (svaberg) or the two smaller sandy beaches. On the south side of the bay you can follow the path to Franklinodden. Here it is fun to dive from the smooth rocks.

The famous  Polar ship Fram was built in Rekkeviksbukta. On the lawn behind the beach is a memorial and information sign. Rekkevik bay also has public toilets, changing rooms and garbage disposal. There are also playgrounds on site.

Bus stop: Vindlyveien. 3 minutes walk to the beach.

Gon Beach
Gonstranda (The Gon Beach) is a beautiful seaside resort in Gonsbukta on the eastern side of Larviksfjorden. Here you will find both nice sandy beach, green grassy areas and smooth seashore rocks to climb. There is a dive board on the rocks (3 meters) and a swim raft in the sea. Gonstranda has both toilets and garbage dumps, and on the camping site you will find a kiosk in the summer season. 

Bus stop: Gon. 1 minute walk to the beach.

Hvittensand Beach The large sandy beach banks has been named one of Norway's finest beaches, and for generations it was one of the most popular beaches in The Larvik fjord. This is due to the large amounts of white, fine sand in beautiful sand dunes that stretched far out into the fjord and became an impressive beach paradise. The mighty dunes has been erected by Lågen for the last approximately 5000 years. Today, the bustling beach life in the summer is almost gone due to the expansion of the harbor on the Revet (the reef) on the opposite side, where large amounts of rock have been added, and caused the water to rise into Hvittensand.

Be careful! It is warned against swimming on the river side due to dangerous undercurrents in Lågen / Lågen's outlet.

Access via the Coastal Path between Østre Halsen and Gon which passes the bathing area. There are rubbish bins on the beach and along the coastal path there is also an outdoor toilet. Not wheelchair accessible.


The coast between Stavern and Helgeroa has miles of beautiful beaches. The coastal path from Rakke towards Nevlunghavn goes past all the beaches.

Corntin is located on Fredriksvern in Stavern. A nice and shallow beach with large grassy areas. 

Solplassen Beautiful sandy beach with floating jetty. Summer open shop and cafe at Solplassen Camping.

Stolpestad Beach Nice sandy beach, a little rocky and medium shallow sandy beach at Stolpestad camping which also has a summer open kiosk.

Anvikstranda Family-friendly beach with beautiful boulders and small sandy beaches. Here is also Anvikstranda camping.
Anvikstranda is located in the middle between the larger beaches Stolpestad and Kjærstranda - in practice these 3 bathing places are connected and form a beautiful beach.

Kjærstranda Medium ground child-friendly sandy beach with fine sand. 200 meters long. Good facilities.

Lydhusstranda Narrow and shallow sandy beach with bathing pier. Good facilities. Lydhusstranda camping has a summer open kiosk and fast food.

Fristranda Free for camping units - hence the name Fristranda. Fine sand.

Kolbensrødstranda Long-shore sandy beach.

The Nalum beach is an unusually long-shore beach. The beach on land is not the most suitable place to settle on, but the shallow seabank pointing to the horizon is worth experiencing. On the west side of Nalumstranda lies the beautiful Stretere beach. 

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Vestfold

Beaches in Larvik, Stavern and Helgeroa

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