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Beaches in Lunner, Hadeland

Chill down after a day with great culture and shopping at Kistefos and Hadeland Glassverk. 

Take a bath in the beautiful Harestua fjord or Svea. Both situated close to nature and the deep forrest called Nordmarka. The water is clean and both places have good parking. Enjoy the fun while jumping of the diving towers at Svea stranda and chilling at the nice beach at Harestua.

How to get to Svea 

How to get to the beach by Harestua fjord "Bøhrenstranda"

Do you need a place to stay overnight
​​​​​​We reccoment the cottages at Fjeld Gård
Camping in Hadeland: Sløvika camping
Hotels in Hadeland: Sanner hotell, Granavolden Gjæstgiveri, Hotell Hadeland and Lygna hotell

Source: Visit Innlandet


Beaches in Lunner, Hadeland

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