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Beer tasting at Lilland Brewery Hotel at Tau

Gather your friends or family and taste the variety of beers produced at Lilland Brewery Hotel at Tau in Ryfylke.

Tau has a long tradition of brewing beer, and Lilland Bryggerihotell has its own microbrewery at the hotel. They want to keep brewing based on these local brewing traditions with a special focus on details and good craftsmanship. They maintain their values – local and real. At the hotel they are brewing "real Tau beer", but at the same time they are inspired by more modern breweries, such as Lervig, Ægir and Kinn. The beer is handcrafted, so that each brew gets it characteristic flavour.

Typical beers are Blonde, Pale Ale and Indian Pale, but they also brew White IPA, Rye IPA, Porter, Red Ale and Belgian Whitbeer. Here's something for every beer lover.

You can enjoy the beer in the bar or on the outdoor terrace. You can also buy beer to bring home fram the small store at the hotel,

Lilland Brewery Hotel host beer tasting and brewing courses for groups. These activities are suitable for both private and corporate events. You can also buy beers to bring back home from the beer shop at the hotel.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Beer tasting at Lilland Brewery Hotel at Tau

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