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Beiarn Rural Museum

Located near the municipal center in Moldjord, Beiarn Rural Museum sits beside the attractive salmon river. The museum is situated on the old rectory dating back to 1857, featuring 12 farm buildings from Beiarn dating from the 1700s and 1800s. Visitors can explore exhibitions showcasing old tools, household items, and a farmyard typical of the region.

We offer guided tours of our exhibitions at the Rectory, Molistua, and the farmyard.

The exhibition "Once Upon a Time..." celebrates living traditions and traditional knowledge. Visitors can experience snippets of music, storytelling traditions, and traditional crafts.

"Gustav Moldjord's Collections" forms the backbone of our museum's exhibits. Gustav Moldjord, as a young boy, was passionate about preserving Beiarn's history. At just 18 years old, he began collecting old items from around the municipality, transporting them in a small wagon. His collection grew to 166 objects, now curated and displayed to highlight a wide range of Beiarn's history and tell the story of a young enthusiast dedicated to preserving local heritage.

During the season, we operate a small café and museum shop. Visitors are welcome to bring their own grill food and charcoal/firewood to enjoy a peaceful break amidst beautiful surroundings on the farmyard.

Source: Visit Bodö


Beiarn Rural Museum

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