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Bekkjarvik – Bakkasund (65 km) ‘Smile to the west’

Would you like to cycle a longer trip? A good alternative is to cycle from Bekkjarvik to Bakkasund.

For those who would like to cycle a longer trip, a good alternative is to cycle from Bekkjarvik to Bakkasund.

There are 26 km of excellent cycling paths from Bekkjarvik to Bakkasund. If you are going to cycle there and back, the east side of Austevoll is recommended on the re- turn trip. Cycling via Vinnes and Haukanes is like going back in time. You will see lovely green plains with impressive stone dykes, and the wild sheep will inquisitively watch you as you whiz past. In Storebø, you can have a bite to eat at Kulturbakeriet bakery.

From Storebø, you then cycle across Austevollsbrua bridge to Austevollshella. Take the time to enjoy the views to the west from up on Austevollsbrua bridge. Here, you can enjoy great open views of the sea from the seat of your bike. There are also two lovely picnic areas on the series of bridges for those who have brought a packed lunch. Cycle across Hundvåkøy on another great series of bridges to Storekalsøy and Bakkasund. The shop at Bahus on Bakkasund is worth a visit. The marina is a busy and lively place during summer.

On Bakkasund, you can cycle out to Kalve and walk the marked North Sea Trail out to Skansen. There are wide open views of Sotra, Marsteinen lighthouse and the ocean from Skansen. The sea has worn the rock at Skansen into special formations, and the sea shows its power and commands respect on windy days.

Smile to the west

You can cycle the whole 'smile to the west' circuit. From Bekkjarvik to Stolmen, return via Bekkjarvik and on to Bakkasund via the east side of Austevoll. If you plot in the route on the map, you will see that a 'smile to the west' appears. Pack your bike and get out and smile back to Austevoll from the seat of your bike.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Bekkjarvik – Bakkasund (65 km) ‘Smile to the west’

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