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Bergen City Bike

Bergen City Bike is a bike sharing service that gives you access to more than 900 bicycles available from around 100 bike stations around the city of Bergen.

Several of the stations are located in the city centre and by well-known tourist attractions and museums. We also have several stations in Fyllingsdalen, if you want to test one of the world's longest and most innovative cycle tunnels.

Read more about cycling through the Fyllingsdalen bike tunnel.

You register and easily unlock a bicycle via the Bergen Bysykkel app. You will instantly have access to a fun, cheap, quick and environmentally friendly way to get around and experience Bergen.

Download the Bergen Bysykkel from App store here.
Download the Bergen Bysykkel App in Google Play here.

You can ride as long as you want within the time included in the product you have purchased, at no extra cost. In the app, you can keep track of how much time you have left. If you want to ride for longer, you are charged extended rental. All prices are presented in the app. Along the way, you can pause the trip, for example if you are going to visit a café, shop or museum. The time you have included will contineúe to run, but you get to lock the bike safely and will easily unlock it again with the app, before you continue cycling. You can of course take a city bike from one station and return it at another.

You easily find available bikes and locks at each station in the Bergen Bysykkel app or at When you park the bike, you must check the app for confirmation that the bike has been delivered.

Good to know

• You can only rent one bike at a time. If you are in a group, each person must download the app, register and buy a product (but the same payment card can be used by several people).

• The bikes are not electric.

• You must have internet access on your phone to be able to use the service.

• The bikes have studded tires in winter.

• You are responsible for the bike from the time you unlock it until it is delivered and you get the confirmation. Should a bicycle be lost or damaged while it is in your possession, you are financially responsible. Please read the Terms of use for more information.

If you have any questions or issues with the service, please contact the customer service in the chat in the app or by email:

Source: Visit Bergen


Bergen City Bike

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