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Bergen Gokart

New and modern go-kart center for visitors of all ages. Bergen Gokart is all electric and offers a technical tracks on two floors.

Bergen Gokartsenter, the first go-kart track in Norway offering fully electric go-karts.

The brand-new go-karts, from the leading supplier of electric go-karts in the world, Sodi, offers exceptional torque and acceleration, and provides an extraordinary sense of speed.

We offer single heats for all ages, both for individuals, and for larger groups., and we offer multiple heats at affordable prices. In addition, we arrange events like grand prix or Le Mans for smaller or larger groups.

Bergen Gokartsenter can arrange birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, events for group of friends, company events, etc.

Please ask us for taking care of your event. We offer everything form transportation, to food and beverage, and race events. We can even put together a multiactivity event by including other activity providers in the area.

At Bergen Gokartsenter we provide a separate track for kids that does not fit in the karts used at the main track. Children as of three years old are offered their own track and their own kidkarts where they can get a proper race experience together with friends, siblings and even parents.        


Adults (15 years and over)
1 heat of 9 minutes - NOK 225
2 heats of 9 minutes - NOK 400
3 heats in 9 minutes - NOK 560

Junior (8 to 14 years, including students with valid student ID)
1 heat of 9 minutes - NOK 180
2 heats of 9 minutes - NOK 320
3 heats in 9 minutes - NOK 420

Kid Map (3 to 8 years)
1 heat of 9 minutes - NOK 120
2 heats of 9 minutes - NOK 180
3 heats in 9 minutes - NOK 230

Source: Visit Bergen


Bergen Gokart

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