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Bergh-brygga and Gammelskolen in Leirfjord

Leirfjord Museum is located in the old Bergh-bryga at Leland. Also, make sure to visit the beautiful Gammelskolen, which was in operation until the mid-1950s. Welcome to a journey through time!

The Bergh warehouse is located at Lower Leland and served as a trading post as early as 1847. Unfortunately, the building has been ravaged by fire several times, with the last one occurring in 1898. The current building was erected in the year 1900.

In the trading house, time seems to have stood still, and a glance at the store shelves is a journey through time and memories. The old stockrooms also feature various exhibitions with cultural-historical content. In addition to the store and rotating exhibits, you’ll also find an exciting selection of books, toys, kitchen utensils, sou’westers, and much more.

Gammelskolen (The old school)
The beautiful old school, located in the heart of Leland, is now a museum. The building boasts intricate carvings and lovely colors, holding a unique position both in terms of educational history and architecture. Gammelskolen was built in 1884 and was in operation until the mid-1950s. In the 1970s, the building was converted into a museum.

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Bergh-brygga and Gammelskolen in Leirfjord

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