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Bergset- Bergsetbreen glacier

This is a route well suited for families with small children. The starting point for this walk is the car park at Bergset, at the end of the road in Krundalen, Jostedalen-

From the car park, the route follows a farm track for a short while before becoming a waymarked trail along the level Bergset valley. The trail passes through fairly dense forest and then opens up more and more towards the dominant Bergsetbreen glacier, at the very top of the valley. The trail crosses several small rivers and streams on bridges and sometimes traverses boggy ground, where logs have been laid to walk on. The vegetation is lush to begin with, but as you approach the glacier there are fewer and fewer trees and plants. Finally the trail becomes gravel and rock, but it remains clear and easy to follow.

During the summer a warning sign is erected not far from the foot of the Bergsetbreen glacier. It is extremely dangerous to venture beyond this sign. Baklibreen, on the north side of the main valley, is the most hazardous part of the glacier.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Bergset- Bergsetbreen glacier

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