Bernard Torghandel

At Bernard Torghandel the chefs prepare delicious dishes of local fish and shellfish. Enjoy in the restaurant, as take away by the quayside or at home.

Bernard Torghandel has been a fishmonger at the traditional Fish Market in Bergen for more than 15 years. We offer the best of the sea and along the Norwegian coast. The products are local and of the highest quality with a large selection of fresh fish and shellfish. Depending on the season, live fish and shellfish and other seafood are also delivered from local suppliers every single day. Bernard Torghandel fillets, prepares and does the best to make you have an unforgettable meal, whether you want to eat at the Fish market or take home.

Every day you can also get the dish of the day, all prepared with ingredients from traditional and local suppliers. Sit at the water's edge sheltered from wind and weather under heat lamps and enjoy the atmosphere in the centre of Bergen.

Quality and sustainability:

Bernard Torghandel is committed to taking care of good old traditions, and that as much of the products as possible are from local areas. Bernard Torghandel receives deliveries from fishermen, fish reception centres, local smokery, local producers and wholesalers so that customers always get the freshest products. There are strict routines for cleaning and quality control so that you as a customer should be confident that what you are shopping is of the highest quality.

Bernard Torghandel's smoked fish are smoked in the good traditional way in open smoke ovens that provide a very special taste experience. Self-produced gravlax with cognac and good local spices as well as other Norwegian specialties and locally produced products.

Last updated: 11/24/2023

Source: Visit Bergen

Bernard Torghandel

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