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Bicycle: Østkroken - Tolsby

The route starts at Aremark Church or at Stora Lee Camping

The route starts at Aremark Church or at Stora Lee Camping, which is idyllically situated by the Store Lee lake. There are special activities for children, canoe and bicycle rental and a kiosk.

The landscape here is a little hilly and winds through farmyards and forest. You have a good chance here of seeing both elk and deer. At night, wild boar can also be observed.

The asphalt road is replaced by gravel when you go west at Kallerødkrysset. You follow this road to Aremark Church, and the last kilometre of the road is paved. At Kallerødkrysset you will pass Arestad, formerly a vicarage, owned by Aremark Historical Society. The baroque and renaissance gardens here are worth visiting, as is nearby Aremark Church.

The cycle path goes from the church along the idyllic Aremarksjøen to Fossby. At Fossby, you go east again towards Østkroken and Tolsby, where you will ride on a gravel road through pleasant scenery.

Time: 2 hours
Road surface: Asphalt for around half of the route
Bicycle Requirements: Standard bicycle
Traffic: Little traffic
Start & finish: Stora Lee Camping/Kirkeng Camping

Last updated: 02/06/2024

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

Bicycle: Østkroken - Tolsby

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