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Bicycle tour on Romerike, Jessheim/Kløfta round trip

Bicycle tour Jessheim - Kløfta round trip

Two different options between the Ullensaker locations Jessheim and Kløfta. Choose between a country road through forested areas or the "commuter route" on pedestrian and bicycle paths - or both!

The trip is described as starting from Kløfta but could just as easily start from Jessheim. The eastern part of the tour is signposted as National Cycle Route 7 and is part of the Pilgrims Route that runs from Halden to Trondheim. The landscape is characterized by a lot of cultivated land with farms and great cornfields. A few kilometres go through a forested area where it is a bit uphill. There is moderate to little traffic here. At Gystad, it is pleasant along Gamle Algarheimveg with a dirt road and through a residential area.

From Jessheim there is some bicycling through the traffic, but the pedestrian- and bicycle path begins quite quickly, and it takes you through the roundabouts to the south and eventually on fast, nice roads with a great view of the open Romeriks landscape. This distance is popular with commuters, so there are often several other bicyclists here. You will find rest area along the way.

The old road into Kløfta has little traffic and the route passes shopping center Romeriksenteret before ending at Kløfta train station.

Fact box

Start/end point: Jessheim station/Kløfta station

Distance: 22 km

Time: approx. 1.5 hour round trip

Total number of altitude meters: approx. 200

Surface: 98% asphalt, 2% gravel

Rating: Easy

Bicycle type: All bicycles

Safety: Low traffic on country road and pedestrian- and bicycle path

Season: April - October


This route was last tested in July 2022. Changes and deviations may occur in service offerings, road standards, traffic volumes and traffic patterns.

Link to digital map and navigation: 

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Bicycle tour on Romerike, Jessheim/Kløfta round trip

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