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Bicycle trip to Trandumskogen and the ravine valley at Gardermoen

Diverse bicycle tour with cultural landscape, Ice Age nature, forests, major airport and residential areas. The whole trip is approx. thirty km in flat landscape.

Route description:

The starting point is Jessheim station, where you start to the right, and follow the pedestrian and bicycle paths on Ringveien through Jessheim, past Jessheim School and the resource centre, cross Trondheimsveien and continue to the roundabout at Gardermovegen. Cross Gardermovegen and continue the gravel road, Gropaveien. The road descends into a ravine valley where the water has dug a v-shaped valley in the clay mass, with lush vegetation. Follow the road down to Gjestadgropa, under the Highway / E6 and Gardermobanen. Take a straight left about 100 meters after the railway underpass. Follow this road through a yard, in front of a large, red barn, to Raknehaugen, Scandinavia's largest burial mound. This was built around approx. 550 AD. Ljøgodttjern is located close to Raknehaugen, and it is possible to take a swim here. Like all waters in this area, Ljøgodttjern is death pit formed by melting during the last ice age. Follow the farm road to the right in the yard and out to Gardermoveien. Turn left here.

Alternatively, you can add a small extra round: Continue straight north, to Hovin primary school. Turn left onto the R178, and then the first road on the right, Kjosvegen. This road crosses a fine cultural landscape with a history dating back more than 1,000 years. There are several smaller burial mounds in the area. Follow the road until Gislevoll and Gislevollvegen. There are information signs here, which tell about the area's history.

Then turn right, Gislevolvegen until Sand, Gardermovegen. Turn left and follow Gardermovegen.

Follow Gardermoveien to the roundabout, turn left towards Nannestad. With the end of the western runway to your right, you will find the Romerike Landscape Conservation Area on your left. A nature trail descends into a ravine landscape, and a walk along this will lead you into a completely different world, with lush vegetation, deep, sharp v-valleys and groundwater springs. At the next stop you will find something to eat or drink at the Best Western Plus Oslo Airport.

After a coffee or something else at the hotel, you can bicycle across the roundabout to the Norwegian Armed Forces' Aircraft collection, where you can look at the collection of aircraft. The road continues around the airport to South-Gardermoen. Turn right at Clarion Hotell - you will find Ullensaker museum - feel free to make a stop here and continue bicycle along the airport. You will find the old terminal building on your right, and if you bicycle a little further you will reach the SAS museum with the exciting history of SAS.

Bicycle towards Nannestad and Moreppen. Turn right towards Trandumskogen, follow Blikkveien and keep on this road all the way to Vilberg. You can take a detour to the Trandumskogen war memorial, a memorial for those who died in the Second World War. The area north of the airport has landforms from the thaw in the last ice age and is therefore protected. There are also many dead ice pits in this area which have special water qualities based on, among other things, groundwater impact. You can e.g., see an esker, a ridge of gravel formed by a meltwater lake under the glacier, just by the road a shortly before the exit to Trandumskogen.

The road eventually runs along a moraine ridge, which gives a view north, into the landscape conservation area. At the crossroads at Vilberg, you can take a detour up to Lie, with a nature trail that gives a brief insight into the formation of the Romerikssletta and the retreat of the ice. To return to Jessheim, follow sign towards Sand and follow the road to the roundabout, turn left towards Jessheim. You are entering the Gardermoen business park with Vebjørn Sand's peace star, dining options at McDonalds and several hotels. If you have any energy left, find the Modern Activity Center and take your "first flight" indoors if you dare and want to! Cross the highway/E6 over the bridge, go straight ahead at the roundabout and turn right at the next roundabout. You will now pass Romerike folkehøyskole on your right, which is particularly known for its theatre program. Nordbytjernet on the right is a popular outdoor area with a swimming area, sand volleyball court and an outdoor artwork called Broken Thrones is located here. Turn left at the traffic lights and follow Ringveien until Jessheim station.

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Bicycle trip to Trandumskogen and the ravine valley at Gardermoen

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