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Bike: Roundtrip Smørtjern and Røser

Rich wildlife and cultural landscape. Start Stora Lee, Aremark.

The trip starts at Stora Lee Camping in Aremark Municipality.

Length 21 km
Difficulty easy to medium
Time approx. 1.5 hours
Substrate asphalt and gravel
Recommended for all types of bicycles, but the advantage is that they have light gears
Car traffic in general very little
Start & finish Stora Lee camping
The trial is not marked.

When you travel through the cultural landscape, you have the opportunity to experience a rich wildlife. You can see animals grazing and you can see birds in flight. You cycle past empty homestead where people for generations managed with few resources. On the bike ride you will also travel past the farm Hallesby. Former theology professor Ole Kristian Hallesby (1879-1961) lived and wrote here about what later became known as the Hell Debate in 1953.

You will also cycle past the farm Røser which means stone mound, so here people have cleared the ground for farming. When you come to Smørtjern, (Butterpound)  think that the cows grazed here, because the word butter originally comes from the Greek word for cow. Take many stops along the way and enjoy the ride. Remember to bring a thermos and packed lunch! The trip can be suitable for most people, including children accustomed to cycling from 11-12 years.

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Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Bike: Roundtrip Smørtjern and Røser

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