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Bike and hikingtrip: Solbergfoss linja, Askim / Spydeberg

From Askim center there are approx. 5 minutes to walk to the start at the trail.

Solbergfosslinja, Askim
7.5 km each way - approx. 2 hours

From Askim center there are approx. 5 minutes to walk to the start at the trail.

Solbergfoss track was a 7.9 km long private track from Askim to Solbergfoss at Glomma. The course had a connection to the Eastern Line's Østfoldbanen. It was built by Kristiania (Oslo) municipality and was completed in 1917. The track was constructed to carry material to Solbergfoss power station which was under construction (1913-1924). The railway was used for transport during construction and up to 1937. Passenger traffic lasted from 1920 until the closure of the railway in 1964. From 1928 the railway was operated by so-called rail buses.

The line has been cleared for railways, and is now used as a pedestrian, bicycle and hiking route. 

The road was opened in 1995 - and was then the outdoor area of ​​the year in Østfold. On this road you can now walk, jog, cycle or use a wheelchair.

At Onstad, the hiking trail follows the Solbergfoss road. Here you can take a left turn towards the old ferry site at Onstad. To the right you can take a detour towards Oltidsveien and towards Åsermarka. Both detours are signposted.

When you arrive at Solbergfoss you will see the impressive power station. Especially in the early summer flood, this is an impressive sight when the dam hatches opens and large masses of water are released. You can pass over the pond at Solbergfoss to the Spydeberg side. Here there is a resting place and a point of view. At Solbergfoss there is also a nice swimming spot. The site has a sandy beach and is suitable for all age groups and users. Toilets are open during the bathing season.

If you wish, you can take the walk up the steep hill, past the settlement and then left at Hovin church, then there is a few km to Spydeberg center. From there you can possibly cycle, go back along the cycle path along the old E18 to Askim center.

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


Bike and hikingtrip: Solbergfoss linja, Askim / Spydeberg

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