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Bike rental at Straand Hotel

Explore Vrådal's stunning landscapes with bike rentals at Straand Hotel. Discover paved, unpaved, and mountain trails.

Vrådal is beautifully situated at the northern end of Lake Nisser, and here you'll find excellent terrain for both workout sessions and leisurely bike rides. There are diverse routes to explore, including paved and unpaved roads, as well as more challenging mountain trails that are perfect for cycling.

If you want to rent a bike, you can easily get both regular bicycles and e-bikes at Straand Hotel.

Prices for bike rentals in 2023 are:
1 Hour NOK 150,-
3 Hours NOK 300,-
Full Day NOK 400,-

Prices for e-bike rentals in 2023 are:
3 Hours NOK 500,-
Full Day NOK 750,-

Source: Vest Telemark


Bike rental at Straand Hotel

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