Bike ride along Blåsjøvegen – beautiful landscape and a rich hydropower history

A trip on bike along the Blåsjøvegen road will take you into the beautiful Suldalsheiane mountain area with beautiful Norwegian mountain scenery and give you a meeting with the largest hydropower project in Northern Europe.

The trip starts in the Gullingen area in Suldal, where you can park your car at several of the available parking lots. From here you take the paved road that will guide you along the Blåsjøvegen, «the blue ocean road», towards Norways biggest hydropower reservoir which is a collection of more than 10 large and small dams.

The road you travel on is narrow and guides you into areas away from the beaten track, which makes you feel alone with nature.

The road was built during the Ulla Førre hydro development work in the 1980s, which until today is the biggest hydro power development in Norway and is responsible for 7,5% of the renewable, green energy production in Norway.

The road from the starting point Gullingen to the dam is in total 20 km long and give you a spectacular view of the mountain areas. Here you get up close with mountain lakes perfect for swimming and fishing, waterfalls and hiking trails.

Many people stop by the a the popular bathing spot just North of Øvre Moen, a destination that is an Instagram post worthy!

You will not have any doubt on whether you have reached your final destination as Norway’s tallest rock-fill dam in Norway will appear in front of you. As you reach the top, you will get a magnificent view of the water reservoir.

From the Oddatjøndammen, you can continue towards the Førrevassdammen dam (totally 25 km one way) and the Storvassdammen dam (totally 35 km one way).

Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke

Bike ride along Blåsjøvegen – beautiful landscape and a rich hydropower history

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