Bike ride from Støladalen to Finnabuvatnet

A cycling trip into the Støladalen valley will take you 830 meters into the mountain where you will be alone with nature and tranquil dams.

The trip starts from the village Nesflaten with tall mountains and the beautiful Suldalsvatnet lake as your closest neighbour. You follow FV691 and take off towards the mountain areas and the Støladalen valley, following a gravel road for much of the 11,3 km long journey into
Finnabuvatnet lake.

The road system was made during Røldal Suldal Kraft, which was the biggest industrial project in Norway in the 1960s. Here you get up close with tall mountains, charming rivers and breath-taking viewpoints. As you complete most of the 850 meter climbe into the mountain you will travel along the Vasstølvatnet lake before you reach Finnabuvatnet lake.

The area is perfect for hikes, fishing and swimming. Remember to buy the fishing permit and read up on the local fishing regulations.

Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke

Bike ride from Støladalen to Finnabuvatnet

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