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Bike trip suggestion: Around Leksdalsvatnet/Lake Leksdal

The trip around Leksdalsvatnet can be cycled in one go, or as two to three separate trips.

Type: Cycling, Road Cycling
Grade: Medium
Length: approx 75.8 km
Duration: 5 hours
Suitable for: Adults

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Starting point
Start your tour at the tourist office where there are bike rentals, sale of maps and route guidance.

Information about the trip
Bike to Sørlia, continue over Bruem where there are breathtaking views. It is a bit steep, but the view comensates for thist

Continue through Bjørka to Skeifeltet - the field is believed to be North Trøndelag's largest burial ground, dating to approximately 800 AD

The route continues to Lysheim and further south to Stiklestad. If you wish, the trip can be shortened  here just above the north end of Leksdalsvatnet and towards Henning (see map).

At the south end of the lake, you can bike down to Stiklestad National Cultural Center for lunch, tour or just a break before continuing north on the east side of the lake.

By Sæli just south of Vegmo take the county road and bike onto the road to Henning Church. The road passes through a farm with horses so use caution. Continue to Skarpnes, then on to Røli and  Trana via the road by Bruem (farm with distinct "tower"), take the side road to the left where the main road bends to the right and continue to Trana Marka / Trana, down Tranabakken (Trana Hill) straight down to the centre.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Bike trip suggestion: Around Leksdalsvatnet/Lake Leksdal

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