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Biking around the Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Bicycle tour starting from the hotels around Oslo Airport Gardermoen or from the airport – Bjertnesrunden.

The hotels around Gardermoen are a good starting point for bicycling in Nannestad. The destination for today's trip is Lake Bjertnessjøen, which is located in Romeriksåsen. This is a large hiking area that is used in the summer- and wintertimes and is excellent for bicycling. The area south of the airport is a ravine valley and not suitable for bicycling. For that reason, there will be a bicycle distance on Nannestadveien with some traffic, but it quickly turns to dirt roads along Engervegen. Further on, you will pass Nannestad church before the gravel road continues through Låkedalen. It is nice to see river Leira flowing by. Farms, fields and meadows dominate the landscape.

From the cross at Rustadsaga you will notice a rise into the forest. Sheep and cows are a common sight in the roadway - this is their home range. Although there is a bit of a climb here, it increases gradually and the gravel road is great to bicycle on.

When you arrive at Bjertnessjøen it is quiet, calm and idyllic. Several benches make it easy to find a pleasant place to take a break. Remember to pack a lunch - it is not possible to buy any food along the way. Note that Bjertnessjøen is a source of potable water and therefore is it prohibited to swim here.

The hiking trail continues around the water and there is a nice view of the Romeriks landscape. The trip is moderately demanding with its altitude, and it is good to have some bicycling experience on gravel and in traffic as it is 2-3 km on a busy road.

Fact box

Start/end point: Hotels around Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Distance: 43 km

Time: approx. 4 hours round trip

Total number of altitude meters: approx. 500

Surface: 60% gravel, 40% asphalt

Rating: Medium

Bicycle type: Hybrid bicycle suitable for gravel and electric bicycle

Safety: Mostly minor roads with little traffic, but a few km with more traffic must be expected

Season: April – October (may vary depending on snow conditions)


This route was last tested in August 2022. Changes and deviations may occur in service offers, road standards, traffic volumes and traffic patterns.

Link to digital map and navigation:

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

Biking around the Oslo Airport Gardermoen

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