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Biking at Lygna Hadeland

Discover beautiful scenery in and around Lygna and Hadelandsåsene.
Thanks to a collaboration with Hadeland Cykkelklubb, there are now excellent cycling opportunities at Lygna and its surrounding areas. To find routes, search for Lynga at Hadelandsåsen at Skiforeningen’s website.
Search for bicycle routes around Lygna

To find more great routes, visit:
Bicycle rides, Lygna and surrounding area

Read more about Hadelandsåsene and what is available all year round:

Enjoy your trip and enjoy Lygna! 

Show consideration during your visit, and follow these basic guidelines: 
• Adhere to the code of conduct for public right of access
• Park at designated car parks and campsites
• Take your litter home or use the bins provided
•  Remember the rules for keeping dogs on a lead; respect campfire bans and restrictions, and use designated sites only
• Try to use local shops along the route
• Drive nicely, but not too nicely – keep up with the traffic
• Last, but not least; ENJOY your trip at Totenåsen

Source: Visit Innlandet


Biking at Lygna Hadeland

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