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Biking map for Ullensaker

Tour suggestion in Ullensaker

Here you will find tour suggestions for bicycles around Ullensaker municipality and it have been prepared by Ullensaker municipality with a contribution from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, (unfortunately not completely updated)

Around Jessheim there are three signs.

Jessheim station is the starting point

Route 1, Jessheim - Gardermoen cultural park.

Route 2, Jessheim - Algarheim - Nordkisa.

Route 3, Jessheim - Gystadmarka - Nordkisa.

In addition, national route 7, which runs between Oslo and Hamar, is signposted through the municipality.

The map also shows good cycle paths that are not signposted

Link to the map sykkelkart-for-ullensaker-.pdf

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

Biking map for Ullensaker

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