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Billingen cabin (Værdalsbruket)

At the northern end of Storbillingen in Verdalsfjella, you can savor the delights of mountain life amidst breathtaking surroundings. Billingen is a spacious and newly renovated cabin, nestled in an area that's a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, making it especially suitable for families with children.

The vicinity is teeming with excellent fishing lakes, increasing your chances of enjoying a dinner of self-caught fish. When you rent the cabin, a boat in Billinglunet is at your disposal. This area serves as an excellent launchpad for hiking adventures and hunting, whether it's for ptarmigan, hare, or forest birds.

The cabin is readily accessible year-round, with just a 5-kilometer walk from the parking area to the cabin.

Cabin Details:
When you rent Billingen, you actually get two cabins. The main cabin is 85 square meters and features a shared kitchen and living area. There are two bedrooms providing a total of 10 sleeping spots. The cabin boasts a fresh appearance, thanks to exterior cladding and interior paneling completed during extensive restoration in 2008.

Bedding and pillows for 10 people are available in the cabin, but you'll need to bring your personal items like bed linens, sleeping bags, and toilet paper. The cabin is equipped with a solar power system that provides lighting in all rooms, a refrigerator, and gas cooking facilities. There is equipment for 10 people, a wood-burning stove, and dry birch firewood in the outhouse.

The second cabin, Oppistua, can accommodate 4 people and includes a wood-burning stove and candles. Just like in the main cabin, you'll need to bring your personal items like bed linens, sleeping bags, and toilet paper. There is an associated outhouse with a toilet, and water can be sourced from Billingen.

There is fairly good mobile phone coverage on the hill north of the cabin.

Boat Included with Cabin Rental:
When you rent the cabin, a boat in Billingslunet is included. The boat comes with life vests for 4 adults, but you'll need to bring child-sized vests yourself. Additionally, there are 11 nets with varying mesh sizes, and the area boasts several excellent fishing lakes.

Cabin Rental Information:
The rental price starts at 800 NOK per day, and you can book the cabin here.

To reach the cabin, drive on Fv 72 from Verdal towards Sweden. When you reach Sandvika, turn left. The parking area is at Åbofjellet, just before reaching Breivatnet. From the parking area, it's about a 1-hour walk (5 km) to the cabin. You can either follow the tourist association trail most of the way or follow signs to Billingslunet and take a boat from there (2 km). The boathouse is approximately 200 meters from the bridge on the west side of Billingslunet. There are 2 boats in the boathouse, and Værdalsbrukets boat is marked. The lune is shallow, so it's advisable to row the first part. According to municipal regulations, motorboat use requires fishery conservation (net fishing).

Refer to this map for the parking area and the trail to the cabin.

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Innherred Reiseliv

Billingen cabin (Værdalsbruket)

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