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Birdbox Storehesten

Sleep well under the mighty Storehesten in a spectacular birdbox!

At the foot of the majestic Storehesten mountain, you can enjoy sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding fjord and the landscape of Bygstad. Birdbox Storehesten is located just below the mountain massif, perfectly secluded for other hikers. Here you can experience real Norwegian nature, autumn storms or snow falling on frozen ground. Inside the modern cabin, you'll find a large, soft bed with cosy pillows that give the cabin a warm feel.

Sleep comfortably in harsh Norwegian conditions

Birdbox is a prefabricated room designed for harsh Norwegian conditions, providing shelter and comfort. When the weather is bad outside, you can enjoy spectacular views and nature experiences in a romantic atmosphere inside. Inside you'll find a large 200 cm double bed that runs from wall to wall. Under the bed there is a large storage area with various kitchen utensils, minibar, card games, yahtzee, woollen blankets, crockery, woollen skins, cups, cutlery and primus. There are also two chairs and tables available inside.

The Birdbox also has an adjoining toilet block containing a toilet (no shower).

How to get to Birdbox Storehesten

Birdbox Storehesten is located in Bygstad in Sunnfjord municipality.The trip from Førde to the centre of Bygstad takes about 30 minutes, and then it's a 10-minute drive to the car park at Stølshaugane.Follow the signs to Storehesten and Rytnevegen and drive through the toll road (NOK 60,- for passing) until you reach a car park. From the car park you will find signs to Birdbox Storehesten, about 3-5 minutes' walk along a nicely prepared path from the car.

If you want to take advantage of air transport, Bringeland airport is only 10 minutes away.

Food and drink

The nearest grocery store can be found in Bygstad town centre.Spar Bygstad is open Monday - Friday 09 - 20, and Saturday 09 - 18. It is possible for catering from Mitt Lille Kjøkken in Bygstad.They are happy to bring you delicious tapas dishes, sushi, cheese baskets, or whatever you want to treat yourself to for a unique day. Contact Christel Eide on tel. 99 00 30 55 for food orders for your day.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Birdbox Storehesten

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