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Bismarvik vacation home

Bismarvik vacation home is a charming old house that used to be a small farm. The house has an amazing location right next to the ocean, surrounded by mountains and nature. Here you really get an escape from the citylife. The accomodation is perfect for hikers, small happenings and family gatherings - but also for solo visitors.

The house has 7 bedrooms with space for 14 people. There are 6 double rooms and 1 single room. You'll rent a private room and share the common areas with other guests. There are also an option to rent the whole house. As a guest you get full access to a kitchen with all necessities - fridge, stove, kettle etc. The house also has a big living room, and several toilets and showers.

It is approx. 2 kilometers from Akkarfjord harbor. A ride from the harbor to the house can be arranged while booking. You will arrive to made beds and clean towels. Breakfast and food is not included. The nearest convenience store is 2 kilometers from the house, not far from the harbor.

Source: Book Finnmark


Bismarvik vacation home

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